English to Chinese Translation Services​

To properly deal with Chinese businesses, translating your documents from English into Chinese is a necessity. Doing so allows you to overcome language barriers, establish a smoother working relationship, and become a more credible and likeable business partner. Our translation services put your documents through a number of steps before being officially released to your business partners to ensure quality and style.

Proofreaders first go through your document, parsing through the language used and the legal terms needed to properly translate it into the vernacular. Our proofreaders and translators are well-versed in a variety of business fields, including (but not limited to) financial, legal, medical, academic, and industrial fields. As this is an integral part of the translation process, we pride ourselves in having staff that are skilled in this area. We offer proofreading services in themselves as well, even if your document was not originally translated by us.

Translation of your document comes next, with language carefully selected to be able to impart the original meaning of your text in English into language that can be more easily understood by your Chinese counterparts. We’ll be with you every step of the way to explain how and why we chose the words we did for your document, and can change them accordingly upon request.

Our ISO-approved Quality Assurance staff are the final piece of the translation process, ensuring that the language used is clear and efficient, without any deviation from their English counterparts in meaning and/or implications. Every staff involved in the process is hand-picked for their expertise in a particular field, meaning that your documents will always be handled by someone who has experience in your area. 

The result of such our translation process is a document that can be easily understood by both laymen and those with business acumen – suited for professional use and official publication.

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