Upon entering the Penghao Theatre, you will be greeted by that conspicuous writing on the wall saying, “Drama is free”.  The walls are adorned with various posters and photos relating to the art of drama. All these various photos that hugged its walls were taken inside the theater. Some of the photos include famous actors like Meng Jinghui and Chen Jianbin.  Wooden chairs and tables fill the hall of this theater. Voices from professionals and students from Central Academy of Drama can often be heard chattering and discussing scripts and stage playing.

The entrance to the theater is just on the right side of the hall. The small theater with its simple but cozy environment is just enough to accommodate about 100 persons. Small attics with heights of about half a floor on both sides of the floor add to the appeal and charm of this theater. Tatami flooring provides soft cushion and comfort to its visitors who may want to play some cards. Iron stairs leading to the rooftop reveals a secluded, elegantly styled terrace with wooden chairs and tables minus the parasol, perfect for those midsummer nights.