Lost and Found is a shop that instantly brings you back to ancient China once you open the door. Some people would feel like they have just entered a museum, because of the mottled doorplates, the copper bells used on bicycles, iron thermos designed with beautiful peonies or winter sweets, white porcelain trays, and classic clocks.

The store mainly offers household items, gadgets, small utensils, and clothing designed by the common people. The sunlight streams through the windows, making the place more refreshing to the eyes. A large portion of the store is made of log cabins. The drop light and huge bulbs on the ceiling reveal the owner’s artistic knowledge and taste.

As you walk through the door, you will find two chairs, promotional cards, and some greenery. Some products are displayed near the windowsill to attract passersby. All items being sold are somewhat old, but not enough to be called antiques. If you are looking for something to bring home to your family and friends, or simply to display in your home as a memorabilia, then this store is definitely worth checking out.

You can visit Lost and Found through this address: No. 42 Imperial College Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing City.