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My question is not in your FAQ, how can I find the answer I need?

You can get your answers by contacting out support team. 

I work as a freelance translator. How do I apply to your company?

Our translation company is more than willing to add skilled freelance translators and interpreters to our community of professionals. If you want to apply for a position, you will have to familiarize yourself with the Corporate Translation Services, which states that all translators must have a significant and professional-level of experience in translation and/or interpreting. Having a university degree in a technical subject and an established record of performance in commercial translation / interpreting will definitely give you a better shot in getting hired. Candidates who meet the minimum requirements emphasized above will be eligible and considered for future assignments. If you are interested, please contact us.

What is the difference between Simplified Chinese Characters and Traditional Chinese Characters?

They are the two main versions of Chinese: Simplified Chinese (Mandarin) and Traditional Chinese (Cantonese). Mandarin is the official script used in Mainland China (such as Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Xi’an, and Guangzhou), Singapore, and Malaysia. On the other hand, Cantonese is mainly used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and most overseas Chinese community including those residing in the United States and Canada.

We provide both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese translation services. If you are quite unsure on your preferences, we’ll be more than willing to help you choose.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with the results of my translation request?

Our translation company invests a lot of efforts on developing the quality and speed of our services. We aim to provide the best quality of services for our clients.

If one of the completed translations does not meet your standards, we will revise the translation free of charge. If you are still not satisfied with the results, we will re-direct the project to a different translator at no additional cost.

Why should I use your company Translate2Chinese?

When it comes to quality and professionalism, Translate2Chinese is the gold standard. We are the largest translators’ community in China with more than 50,000 Certified Professional Translators for 41 languages in 20 different fields. Unlike any translation company’s, we offer unique Chinese translation services.

  • Lower Prices – professional Chinese translation service at fair price from $0.04 per word.
  • High quality – we only use the translators who understand your industry perfectly.
  • Fast speed – fast, 24/7 professional translation service. Dealing with large-scale translation items, we have enough professional translators to accomplish them with high quality and speed.
  • Safe payment – With PayPal, you may pay online using the payment method you prefer, including credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Amex), bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances, without sharing financial information.

How many languages do you offer for your translation services?

At the moment, we offer fast online services in Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), English, Japanese, Korean, Italian, German, French and Russian. We also accommodate over 40 other languages. If the language you need is not on that list, please contact us and we will do our best to provide you with what you need.

Why is your translation services valuable and why should I pay for it?

Automatic translation offers a direct translation of a text, and the output rarely makes any sense. On the other hand, translations handled by expert and skilled professionals  will give you the assurance that the resulting text is perfect in style and content.

How do I request for a translation project?

Simply choose the language, industry, enter the number of words once you already got the number of words that your text contains.

Once you make your order and pay online, we will work on it immediately. When the translation is completed, we will send an e-mail with the download link address about the translation to your registered e-mail address. 

How do I calculate the words in my translation file?

You can contact us with the language, industry, enter the number of words once you already got the number of words that your text contains. 

When the translation is completed, we will send an e-mail with the download link address about the translation to your registered e-mail address. 

How will I receive my translation results?

Translate2Chinese will notify you via e-mail once your order is finished together with the link address. You can download the translation by simply clicking the link that we send you.

I have a very large document that needs to be translated. Should I request for different sections to different companies to get quicker returns?

No, that would be unnecessary. Taking into account the complexity of the language, other agencies may provide translations that may not reach your standards due to inconsistency.

At Translate2Chinese, we can split the document among our skilled translators depending on the length and urgency of the project. Our proofing process will make sure that the final document is precise. You can also ensure that we can give you the accurate documents on time without any delays.

Are you capable of translating professional documents like technical, legal, and medical translations?

Absolutely. We understand that background information is vital in the process of translation. All of our translators came from different industries with professional industrial background to ensure the translation does not lose its substance. We also double check the contents of the document to ensure that it follow all procedures and laws connected to the documents.

Who is translating my documents?

We have a diverse network of 50,000 registered translators, specializing in 41 languages in 20 different fields in China. All of our translations are manually prepared to instill the quality of the text. We have a very tedious process of proofreading and a high quality database of translators.

How quickly can I get my documents?

You will receive the output in no time. Our large database ensures that there are always available translators linked to our system, that are notified in real-time upon a translation request. One professional translator delivers 500 words an hour and about 4,000 words a day.

Will my translation request arrive on or before the deadline?

Yes, definitely. We understand the clamor for an efficient, fast, and reliable translation services and we take this profession seriously. Failure to deliver the output on time will do no good for both parties.

Our company adopts an exceptionally serious attitude toward deadlines. We implement a system of credits and fines to assess and improve credibility of each translator employed in our company. This system helps effectively manage timely delivery of orders and reduces the probability of failure to respect deadlines.

How much do your services cost?

The price depends on the number of words and the key language of your project. The price you will pay is calculated like this: For each word you submit for translation you will pay US $ 0.04. View more prices.

How am I going to pay for your services?

We offer PayPal as the most convenient way for people to pay and purchase online. If you don’t have PayPal account, you may opt to connect your credit card via Paypal.

What is PayPal and how do I use it?

PayPal is the most efficient way to pay and purchase online. It allows anyone from over 190 countries and regions to pay online using the payment method they prefer, including credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Amex), bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances, without sharing financial information.

Can I pay for the translation in installments?

It is possible to pay in installments but we highly discourage it because it will disturb the flow of the translation process. Each time the paid part of the project is finished, the assigned translator has to wait for the confirmation of the next payment before continuing the next part. Meanwhile, delays in bank transfers are quite common, and these delays would mean work disturbance.

How will you ensure that the work is high in quality?

We guarantee 100% satisfaction from our valued clients. We want our outputs to exceed our customers expectation and it really does reflect in our craft.

If an issue with our work arises, you may contact us anytime and we will gladly accommodate your concerns.