Chinese banks arose, and foreign-exchange stockpile surged according to statistics for the month of June released Tuesday by the People’s Bank of China in a statement. Bank lending massively climbed to 633.9 billion yuan ($97.52 billion US dollars), leading to an increase of 15-percent from the 551.6 billion yuan currency loan from May, ensuring China’s efforts bearing fruit. It was said to be 20.7 billion yuan more than the same month last year, the central bank added. By the quarter end of June, there would be an easing rise for the cash circulation and all deposits as the broad money supply (M2) increased from 15.9-percent yearly to 78.08 trillion yuan. The pace of increase accelerated from May’s 15.1-percent growth, but was 3.8-percent lower than that of last June. In the first half of the year, the country’s financial institutions already granted 4.17 trillion yuan in yuan-denominated loans, which was 449.7 billion yuan less than the same period of last year. Meanwhile, the policymakers have been pulling strings to bring back balance to their feet as the central bank raised benchmark interest rates for the third time this year ahead of an unsettling report that showed the country’s spiking inflation hitting a three-year high in June.