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China is becoming more globalized each day. As a result, skilled translators and are finding their services in higher demand to help the people stay interconnected. There is a booming demand for this type of service, and that’s where Translate2Chinese was founded in 2006. Because of this progress, we have also been able to improve and deliver fast, high quality human translations by certified translators efficiently and affordably ‘round the clock at any given day or time. Being part of the Translators Association China, Translate2Chinese is recognized for being the founder of e-commerce industry and provide service to a variety of multinational companies, Chinese enterprises and government agencies.

Translate2Chinese, with its notable features of speedy and accurate translations, has revolutionized the industry and the way translation is being done. It has helped bridge the gap between people and break language barriers as customers are promised with a quick and easy delivery time, quality and payment. They say that promises are meant to be broken, but Translate2Chinese never breaks their word on this, as we take care of all customer related issues and make sure to keep our translator paid and happy. By creating great value between our professional translators and customers, we create a more efficient market place. Notably, Translate2Chinese was a part of the “Top 10 Translation Enterprise in China 2009” by the TAC (Translation Association of China), and it’s only getting better.