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English Chinese CV / Resume Translation

If you are looking for a job in China, Sending the CV / Resume is the first step. HR people strongly recommend that all foreigners - regardless of their Chinese level - submit resumes in both English AND Chinese. A lot of HR people at Chinese companies aren't going to take the time to read the English one and/or comprehend your actual experience. 
So, How do you write a CV in Chinese? You might have a lot of questions in mind.
Do you do a list like in the West with the latest stuff at the top or the other way round? Do you go into family details or dwell more on academic and other achievements? Do things differ for academia and for big corporations?
What should your Chinese CV / Resume contain?
1) Your personal picture (preferably quite formal, small size and not a leisure picture)
2) Personal data
Should include: your name, nationality, contact address, phone number (including national code), e-mail (current and active!), date of birth, and any additional personal information that you consider important.
3) Work experience
Relevant work experience that you have undertaken. Make sure you write the following information: the period of employment, your position, company's name (if it is not known world wide, draft in a few words, what business the company deals with) and elaborate a bit on the main tasks you had to perform.
4) Education
You have to describe your college/university education history as a point with some technique. If your school is not Harvard or Yale, you should tell its advantages compared with others. Indicate here major academic achievement/award. A well-organized introduction on your school will improve your image among the potential Chinese employers. Put everything in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent experience.
5) Foreign languages
Mention your mother tongue, followed by any foreign languages you’ve studied before, including a level of fluency. If you have learned some Chinese before, elaborate a bit and add where you’ve learnt Chinese and how many hours.
6) Computer skills
Mention the programs you are familiar with, specifying in more detail if this could be relevant for your job.
7) Other experiences or Trainings/separate courses
If you have other experiences or you have attended any trainings or courses that relevant to the job, you may list them here along with any additional information, such as their length and organizer's name.
8) Hobbies and interests (optional)
It is recommended that you include this section here provided you have really remarkable hobbies/ interests, since they might reveal some of your personal characteristics. Some employers pay great attention to this, others don’t care.
9) References
If you have any references of previous employers or professors, it is recommended that you include them in your CV, e.g. in an appendix.
10) Some extra CV writing tips:
a) Visually your CV should be attractive and pleasing to the eye. Use bold letters for headings and separate each section clearly so that all information can be found very quickly.
b) Try to avoid specific terminology and abbreviations that recruiters and employers outside of your home country will not understand.
c) If you decide to treat your experience chronologically, maintain the same chronological order in every section. It is recommended that you start with the most recent experience, since this usually is the most relevant one.
4) Avoid spelling/grammar mistakes. Spelling mistakes will give the future employer the impression that you are careless.
d) Your CV should never be longer than 2 pages long, and preferably even only one page long. Don’t try to be exhaustive, and only elaborate on relevant and important experiences. HR managers read tons of CVs every day, so don’t think they will read every single word. Make sure they notice the relevant parts.
If all this is too complicate to you. Try our Chinese CV / Resume Service. You can try our professional Chinese translation service for a budgeted result. Moreover, you may try our Chinese CV review service. For this service , we not only translate your English CV into Chinese, but also organize your CV simply in the Chinese way. We read and understand your merits, express in a better way for the Chinese HR. And that may help your Chinese CV stand our among all the mess competitors. 
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